Popular and Indispensable Technology Tools to Organize and Run Your Business Effectively

Technology Tools

First and foremost, the right technology tools can increase productivity and meet your businesses’ individual needs in smarter and more efficient ways. So, whether your company is a start-up business or an established one, these tools can help.

With the vast number of technology tools available, how does your business decide which ones are most useful?

Social Media Tools

Social media has modernized the business-customer relationship. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the four standard websites businesses utilize for their marketing. HootSuite, Buffer, and Co-Schedule all have platforms which allow businesses to schedule, monitor, and respond to social chatter.

Additionally, Sniply is a social media tool which allows businesses to create a call to action with each link they share.

Email Marketing

Email is a well-known tool which allows for mass sending and almost instant communication. Businesses are now using platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact: These programs all provide a direct connection with customers by allowing your business to send multiple contacts multiple emails and track their marketing campaign’s performance.

MailChimp is widely used for business and integrates third-party services like WordPress and Shopify.

Owler is a free program offering alerts and company profiles that allows members to follow companies in real time. It is ideal for business development and sales teams. Team members can research a particular company directly through Owler instead of researching or googling them on the internet.

Internal Communication Tools

Slack is perfect for internal communications and increases productivity.Especially with members of your team who work remotely. First, it helps unclutter inboxes and enhances transparency in conversations. You will not miss essential emails. In addition, it allows teams to create video conferences and channels of conversations. Similar to Google Hangouts, Slack offers more capabilities for business.

Organizational Tools

Trello is a very popular, visual, and user-friendly project organizational tool. Trello makes it easy to simplify and follow tasks. Besides being efficient and easy to use, it is a free time-saver.

Google Docs makes it easy to write, sort, find, and share. Additionally, everything is saved as you work, so there is less chance of losing completed work. A recipient can add to or edit the document from their location when shared with them.

QuickBooks Online

Managing expenses manually can be challenging to track and keep organized. You can easily see what you are making and spending by connecting QuickBooks to your checking and credit card accounts. But, with QuickBooks, you do not need to be an accounting expert. QuickBooks is a multi-use program that allows multiple users in a business to manage bills, invoicing, expenses, contractors and their time. You can pay employees, create recurring payments and create checks to print. It is a very efficient and user-friendly program.

Final Thoughts

There are many great tech tools that can help your  businesses organize, market, and communicate. Each company must find the tech tools that work best for them by experimenting with them. Which ones will your business use?